QuantiLog is a company specialized in wide range of products design:
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Rugged computers and monitors: rugged and industrial computers that are specifically engineered for harsh and environments proven their dependable operation under daily shock, vibration, moisture, oil, dust and water proof to IP65, IP67.
Variety of global market products: Ranging from communication through mechano-optic to medical products, including electronic systems designated cabinets and enclosures.
Jigs and manufacture aid devices:
We have experience in special purpose machinery design projects ranging from machining aid jigs to assembly line equipment, assembly manipulators, and designated devices such as adaptors for environmental tests.
Devices for lifting/ rolling/ manipulating/ conveying/ shipping:
Using hydraulic, electric, or mechanical mechanisms. Build and delivered in accordance to customer's requirements.

 Military systems design רכב קרבי יבשתי עתידי  CAD design  Projects management Manuals and ILS Purchase support Production support  Military ans medical projects Trophy Medium Vehicle  רכב קרבי יבשתי עתידי israel future armored vehicle c5i israel c4i israel  future israel mbt israel uav launcher Israel israel mod project  Gabriel 5     .ziv av engineering israel    Gabriel V    israel Advanced Naval Attack Missile     Avenger uav mq-9 uav afghanistan    uav payload transit container    uav ground support equipment    drones ground support equipment     uav towing fixture    payload installation trolley    uav gse    uav wheel chocks    advanced electronic packaging design    advanced system packaging design    C5I 2014 israel    250 Israeli Spice missiles    702 light armoured multi-purpose vehicles    37 new airfields    Air Field Infrastructure (MAFI) phase 2    new AWACS for indian air force    free ms standards    free engineering guidebook    fastener military standards download    tolerances table download    future artillery canon    future mobile battle tank    tactical armed vehicle    future electro magnetic cannon    future electro thermal cannon    future electrothermal cannon    israel lav light armored vehicle    elbit c-music failed    elbit c-music transit container  <font size="0.1" color="64E986">  elbit c-musicמגן רקיע  <font size="0.1" color="64E986">  pod transit container    military spec transit container   hardigg military container    pelican military container    Swiftships 28m    Sudhakar radar    Electronics Corporation of India Ltd radar elbit elisra    egypt m35 ship    missile transit container    .mil spec container for    .mil spec missile container    .mil spec box design    .uav payload container    .uav sar payload container    .russia army drill   .russia invaded ukraine t90    .russia invaded ukraine mig    .russia invaded ukraine mig 29   .nanotechnology engineered mobile    .israel invaded syria merkava    .israel anti ship missile   .israel anti ship missile canister    .israel anti ship missile container    .israel anti ship missile assembly    .israel anti ship missile jig    .israeli gil anti tank missile    .SisGAAz uav    .SisGAAz uav israel    .watchkeeper uav    watchkeeper uav container   watchkeeper uav installation    Night Eagle container    Night Eagle gse    Night Eagle ground support equipment    Scan Eagle uav container    Scan Eagle uav ground support equipment   Scan Eagle uav gse     Ground Combat Vehicle is Dead GCV fcs    AMPV Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle Future Combat Systems    israel future Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (jltv)    israel future Ground Combat Vehicle    israel future Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle    israel future Ground Combat Vehicle   future High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle    .future Mobile Gun System    new Stryker Reactive Armor Tiles    future Ultra-Light Combat Vehicle    israel Ultra-Light Combat Vehicle    AH1 artillery gun    Raytheon Unveils SAL Excalibur    darpa Robotic Challenge 2014    darpa Robotic Challenge 2015    future U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Research Development and Engineering    partnerbot clearpath    SaveOneLife personal system    SaveOneLife experiment    World Design Impact Prize 2015    Africa Aerospace & Defence 2015    Euronaval 2015    INDODEFENCE 2015   Counter Terror Expo 2015    MESOC 2015    SOFEX 2015    ITEC 2016    ITEC 2017    UDT 2016    UDT 2017    .Eurosatory 2015    .Eurosatory 2016   .Farnborough Air Show 2015    .Farnborough Air Show 2016    .GPEC 2016    .GPEC 2017   .An Arms Race in Northeast Asia 2015    .Oceanology International 2015    .Oceanology International 2016    .The US Asia-Pacific Rebalance: Rhetoric and Reality    .DIMDEX 2015    .DIMDEX 2016    .FIDAE 2015    .FIDAE 2016    .iSNR 2015    .iSNR 2016   .The Middle East Missile and Air Defense 2014    .The Middle East Missile and Air Defense 2015    .Defence Services Asia  2015    .ISDEF 2016      ISDEF 2017      IAV 2015      IAV 2016      Singapore Airshow 2015      Singapore Airshow 2016      AUSA Winter Symposium 2015      Lima 2015 defense exhibition     Berlin Air Show 2015      cansec 2015      cansec 2016     Soldier Technology 2015      Soldier Technology 2016      Aviation Expo Europe 2014      Aviation Expo Europe 2015      Farnborough Airshow 2015     Farnborough Airshow 2016      MSPO 2015      MSPO 2016     ADEX 2015      ADEX 2016      ADEX 2017      EXPODEFENSA 2015      Dubai Helishow 2015      Milipol Qatar 2015      Milipol Qatar 2016      I/ITSEC 2015      I/ITSEC 2016      defense IDEAS 2015      NAVDEX 2015      NAVDEX 2016      NAVDEX 2017      AEROSPACE & DEFENSE MEETINGS MOSCOW 2014      AEROSPACE & DEFENSE MEETINGS MOSCOW 2015      AEROCON SOUTH 2015      AEROCON SOUTH 2016     AEROSPACE MEETINGS LISBOA 2014      ATM SUMMIT 2014      ATM SUMMIT 2015      AEROCON TEXAS 2014      AEROCON TEXAS 2015      SHIELDAFRICA 2014      SHIELDAFRICA 2015      INTERSEG 2015      INTERSEG 2016      EXPO AERO BRASIL 2015      EXPO AERO BRASIL 2016      AEROSPACE & DEFENSE BUSINESS CONVENTION KUALA LUMPUR 2014      BALT MILITARY EXPO 2015      AEROSPACE MEETINGS HANOI 2014      AEROSPACE MEETINGS HANOI 2015      ROYAL INTERNATIONAL AIR TATTOO 2015      ROYAL INTERNATIONAL AIR TATTOO 2016      AFRICA AEROSPACE & DEFENCE 2014      AFRICA AEROSPACE & DEFENCE 2015      MS&D 2014     MS&D 2015      GPEC 2015      GPEC 2016      INFANTRY WEAPONS 2014      MBTC 2015      MBTC 2016      SPIE EUROPE SECURITY + DEFENCE 2014      SPIE EUROPE SECURITY&DEFENCE 2014      SPIE EUROPE SECURITY&DEFENCE 2015      BTOB MEETINGS JAPAN AEROSPACE 2014      ARMS AND SECURITY 2015      ARMS AND SECURITY 2016      SOBRA 2015      GLOBAL SECURITY ASIA 2016      AEROXCHANGE SINGAPORE 2015      AEROCON CANADA 2014     GULF MARITIME 2014      INDO DEFENCE EXPO & FORUM 2015      INDO DEFENCE EXPO & FORUM 2016      .armor exhibitions 2014      .armor exhibitions 2015      mbt exhibitions 2014      mbt exhibitions 2015     israel revolutionary tank design      military Ploughable Sensors    Virtual Immersive Portable Environment Designed to Train Soldiers      israeli F-35 JSF    F/A-18E/F Super Hornet classified details exposed      .future UCAV concept    .muzaffar stole f-35 drawings   .china's new Hypersonic Missile Vehicle tested    Hypersonic Missile Vehicle WU-14      .FlexSys FlexFoil surfaces    3d printed airborne parts    .mil spec electronic packaging    Advanced Tactics Multicopter      china Z-15/EC-175    .Raytheon Sidewinder Missile Sale   .china hgv missile    .df-21d missile exposed    .middle east peace process failed    .india Agni IV Missile exposed        DRDO secret project      darpa top secret project      .DRDO top secret project    Taranis new uav      Ural Plant of civilian aviation        Oboronprom israeli uav    .MQ-4C Triton shall replace global hawk    .Brimestone Missle launch from a uav    Brimestone Missle launch from a ucav    .Brimestone Missle launch from a drone    Programming Autonomous Vehicles to fly Like Birds       solidworks israel 2014      .solidworks israel 2015    free cad software download no trial    expert military systems design    professional military systems design    .Longbow Missiles Demonstrated Littoral Attack Capability      real cheap 3d printing    yuma arizona test range    .262 barak missiles Indian MOD    תמס"ל      פיטורים באלביט      .navy railgun test results      railgun test results      .full Phoenix Contract     .airlander Hybrid Air Vehicles      new space maintenance robot      new Special Ops equipment      GATR Special Ops equipment      .GATR inflatable antenna test     Lepton camera      FLIR Systems Lepton camera        smartphone ir camera        .free ms project download    talin guide      .defense projects managers required        .projects managers required       tallinn guide 2016        tallin guide 2016    the product based on Quantum Key Distribution      the code based on Quantum Key Distribution        .quantic source for mobile      .quantic source for smartphone      GridCOM Technologies product      GridCOM Technologies develop    .Cybersecurity 2015    .Cybersecurity 2016    .Cybersecurity 2017        Material not only stops the bullets, but also remains clear    .polyurethane disc bullet    .polyurethane disc bullet protection thickness   Perfecting Bullet-Proof Glass from the Nanoscale Up thickness    .Weapons of Grade High Power Fiber Laser     .Identifiable Images of Bystanders Extracted from Corneal Reflections tested      .russia ukraine war over        Gold Nanomesh Conductor Could Pave the Way for Truly Flexible Electronics tested     Protecting the Weak microwave  from the Strong microwave    Military coup in ukraine has   russian army began assaulting    .nato attacks sevastopol      cyber attack by russia on germany     cyber attack by russia on the us    .boeing black smartphone to incorporate totalsuite solution     quantum future weapon      .mil std 810i     mil std 810j    .mil std 461 h     mil std 461h     .  יחידת פיתוח נשק    .tavor 20    .tavor 19    .tavor 22    .iwi negev 3000    .mil std 882f     .free sap guide      free erp guide    free priority guide     .infantry robot in service        unmanned mbt tested        unmanned tank tested    mechanical drawing guide download        merkava 5 revealed     merkava 5 exposed      WW3 as RUSSIA and AMERICA CLASH over UKRAINE       הסמכת CRM    .Meshless CAD Simulation    Bionic hand with sensory feedback     . קורסים לאנשי רכש        סמינרים לאנשי רכש      כנסים לאנשי רכש      MERKAVA MARK IV MBT TANKS      MERKAVA MARK V        .ATMOS 2000 test   Tavor TAR-22    .Tavor TAR-23        CornerShot test    PYTHON-6 missile    .PYTHON-7 missile     פיטורים באלישרא       פיטורים באלביט     .פיטורים בתעשיה אווירית      .פיטורים במשרד הביטחון    future APACHE ATTACK HELICOPTER   . iai falcon AWACS    .saar 6 warship        .saar 6 missile ship     .saar 5 missile ship clip    .EDO Type 796 sonar for    .Rafael towed sonar array for   .the future of Electronic warfare in israel    Argon ST AN/SLQ-25 Nixie decoy for      Elbit chaff rocket launchers for      .Rafael RF corner reflector installed    .Elisra NS-9003A/9005 RWR installed    8 RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles installed    .8 RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles canistered    missiles canistered    .64 Barak surface-to-air missiles canistered    1 gun mount (Phalanx CIWS or Otobreda 76 mm)      6 Mark 32 torpedo tubes containing    6 Mark 32 torpedo tubes contains      .new israeli unmanned helicopter      heron tp gse       heron tp ground support        .heron ground support       heron gse    .eitan gse      .eitan ground support      .IAI Harop gse    .Ukraine nuclear weapons were      Ukraine declares full       .elbit efw fence    APID 60 unmanned helicopter to    .APID 60 unmanned helicopter deal china      APID 55 systems to        hbs airport system     .mil c 5541 j    .mil std 882 g       מודלים סולידוורקס      .מודלים סולידוורקס להורדה    ww3 russia vs usa over ukraine      .ww3 russia vs usa over Crimean   solidworks models of rugged      .be crimean war II      .be crimean war 2   russian mbt t-96    .russian mbt t-98      .the west must stand up to dictators   .rugged military computer design    shock and vibration isolation solutions    ICBM RS-12M Topol missile   .elbit Cluster Engineered Nano Space      .Cluster Engineered Nano Space    .elbit GroundEye   elbit incubit    .m302 missile      .Mekava tank the end    .THREE BOTS LTD   .jumpstarter israel      edco defence    israeli pilots in v-22    .preventing overstaying us visa for imod      .march 12 c5i    .disa jie program     . רמ"ח אמל"ח בחיל      Command Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber and Information    research and development military technology systems      .cad design services in israel    .mechanical design services in israel    mechanical engineering services in israel    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Rise of Special Forces      SOCOM newsletter     SOCOM meeting schedule      SOCOM exhibition    SOCOM presentation     new SOCOM presentation    .wearable devices for special      .wearable sensors for special       wearable military devices        the Defense Information Systems Agency has announced a new      .the Special operations Command has announced      innovative ugv has   on Manned-Unmanned System Teaming      MUM-T technology      uav technology projects    Ammo Testing Standards      STANAG 4170 requirements      meeting STANAG 4170      meet STANAG 4147      .STANAG 4147 requirements    .led by the European Defense Agency      .is funded by the European Defense Agency (eda)     .Lessons from Afghanistan: The UK Experience      .MBDA MMP Integration Tests       MBDA MMP Tests resultes      .CT-40 gun        Tula underwater weapon      .Tula underwater assoult      tula ads rifle      .tula ads assoult      .DARPA Robotics Challenge 2015    .DARPA Robotics Challenge 2014 winner   .DARPA Robotics Challenge 2013 winner     SHAFT robot darpa      .IHMC Robotics robot darpa    Gil Pratt darpa    .High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator tested    .surveillance device exposed    israeli surveillance device has    .israeli surveillance device discovered     .mafat israel    .developed for mafat israel    .israeli underground company   rugged computer for military use      end computer for military use    .electronic device for military use    rugged raspberry pi case for      mil spec raspberry pi       military raspberry pi    .merkava mark 5 rapat      .merkava mark 4 rapat     .merkava mark 3 rapat       .military news    .mamram computer center   .for mamram computer center        .MH370 black box found      .MH370 stolen passport      .oil MH370    has left Zhytomyr      .device based on AES128    for Cellebrite UFED Touch Logical      .Klos-C full     MH370 mysterious    .iwa 2015    .iwa 2016    .iwa 2017      .lahav PIstol Tactical Platform      teldor Fortigat      .K300-p missiles     .Taranis uk uav      Taranis uk drone        Taranis drone tests    .APEC 2025      .solidworks expert in israel      .solidworks experts in israel    solidworks professional in israel    .solidworks professionals in israel     cad professionals in israel      cad professional in israel      .cad expert in israel      .cad experts in israel      mechanical design in israel   mechanical designer in israel        Cogniteam patent    Cogniteam technology   new packaging technology design    .advanced military technology design      advanced military technology exposed    .advanced military technology developed by      .advanced technology developed by military      list of defense companies in israel    merkava gun 120mm     merkava gun 105 mm        merkava turret design    merkava turret hull       turret basket merkava      .merkava turret pocket      merkava turret systems     .merkava fire control system      merkava turret control system      Cyber Security device exposed    Cyber Security device developed      big data device exposed       new military printer    free nas standards    .free din standards for download   .darpa top secret project      armor top secret project      .mil spec usb connector     .mil spec usb cable      .mil spec data cable    .mil spec power connector for   mil spec smartphone for      .army smartphone for    .Power Integration Inc patent   mil std server    elta elm 2054      .elta els 8910      elta STB-06   turnkey solutions for military projects    .ruggedized computer for military    MIL-STD-704D for ruggedized     elta document number      flight tiger 739        MIL-STD-1472 H   russia intercept MQ-5B    russia intercept an american uav      .MH370 kidnaped     SPIKE NLOS container    .SPIKE LR canister    .missiles support equipment for   missiles advanced equipment    .תקנים צבאיים      .  מארז בתקן צבאי    .improved SPIKE missile      future missile revieled      future missile concept     . תקנים צבאיים להורדה       .elbit secret project      תיקני MS     ms standards for fasteners      .din standards for fasteners download      .ansi standards for fasteners      .military specifications glossary        מדריך למפרטים צבאיים      מפרט אלביט     מפרט משרד הביטחון       דרישות משרד הביטחון לפרויקט     פרויקט מפא"ת      משהב"ט מכרזים        תכולת עבודה לפרויקט      נשק תבור    .elbit MIMO SLOTTED ALOHA (MSA) SYSTEM    elbit HF ANTENNA ASSEMBLY    elbit DYNAMIC LIMITATION OF MONOBLOCK FLIGHT CONTROL SURFACES INCLINATIONS DURING STALL SUSCEPTIBILITY CONDITIONS      DEWAR ASSEMBLY FOR IR DETECTION SYSTEMS      .elbit SYSTEM FOR GUIDING AN AIRCRAFT TO A REFERENCE POINT IN LOW VISIBILITY CONDITIONS        elbit new projects       Water-Gen technology    advance missile launching canister    .new missile launching canister     arrow missile canister      arrow missile launcher revieled    motorola new smartphone for      .charging free smartphone      need charging 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  .100x100 micron darpa      .darpa SHIELD device    Q-Warrior demonstration      .Q-Warrior blueprint        based on Q-sight    .Heads-up, eyes out, finger on the trigger     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWsWOFcXHU4    Gore and Raven Aerostar Nemesis    offering alternative to reconnaissance drones    Soldier Parachute Aerial Reconnaissance Camera System      SPARCS round has a CMOS camera      Lockheed Martin Receives Contract For SMSS-KMAX Cooperative Teaming Demo     Gyrocam on k-max      MicroObserver for bel      MicroObserver for india   revmedx xstat        revmedx xstat demonstration    .TATA Unveils Kestrel 8x8     meant to replace the BMP 2        FICV requirements      .nato 4564      nato stanag 4564    nato stanag 4564 pdf download       nato stanag standards for    .new Light Armored Multipurpose Vehicle    Armata mbt in   .Armata mbt turret      Armata mbt hull      .Armata main gun     .BMPT-72 in    Scheitel Lafayette      .ARJUN Mk II MBT in      new thermobaric ammunition        lahat missile iai      .iai lahat missile for       new fuel-air bomb tested      .FNSS new development     new Precision Guidance Kit    .Polio outbreak in Syria and Iraq reported      kate bush is jewish      .katy perry is jewish    .ultrasound gun      new ATK Precision Guidance Kit    XM1156 Precision Guidance Kit in      .india Catapult II   .indian Catapult II      .on M46 tank    .Radio Physics Solutions MiRLIN     Radio Physics Solutions MiRTLE        developed three-year-old-pizza   .SLID for mbt    .picanty arsenal    new Small, Low-Cost, Interceptor Device    military Technology Investment Plan        new light turret for      .T-50 PAK FA vs Su-27      IRST aim       IRST sight for    .F3R blueprint     F3R specification    PDLNG specification        mmi specification       new mmi standards       turkey jet Fighter Program    .F-35B JSF delay     .F-35B JSF ioc      .Sikorsky CH-53K Helicopter in        new Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems        .uss sterett tomahawk      B61 in action      .B61 clip      .Griffin Block III Missile test     JAGM missile tested      .ctd continuous    .JAGM cdr       JAGM demonstrated      MQ-1C demonstrated    Unmanned Carrier-Launched Surveillance and Strike for      UCLASS rfi    .rfi for new armored vehicle        X-47B uav in    E-2D control      .New Jet-Powered Drone is   .Predator C Avenger in action       based on MQ-9 Reaper    .PW545B in     dod's rfp for     X-47B cuav in    High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System to     GA-ASI frp        MQ-9 Reaper in action    .MQ-9 Reaper clip   QinetiQ uav concept    Air Strato in      .hermes 900 hf      hermes 900 vs predator        hermes 900 vs heron    MTCR limitations   MTCR guide      .fold Gray Eagle MQ-1C      .designated cradle for uav     .UAE Delivery Drones in        .new Barriers in Port      .ONR funding for new    .developed by Halo Maritime Defense Systems      .AN/AQS-20A system in     ms fasteners standards    foldable Gray Eagle MQ-1C      AN/WLD-1 in     Nunin UUV      .EM2040 dept      UAE Delivery Drones clip     NjordWorks Unmanned      .Thales Alenia Space to sell    Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness system      Turksat 4A clip      .Thales Alenia Space to develop a   Cyberattack by Breaking and Entering demonstrated      Free Space Optics products for    .using ballistic photons for    .google Project Tango in action      Gyrocam systems in a       Airborne Cueing and Exploitation System Hyperspectral    Bobcat-640-GigE in      face recognition camera in a    .google Project Tango smartphone generated      .TERMES robots in        stigmergy robots    .scattered artificial intelligence     Electronic Circulator in a        Artificial Graphene for    Vanishing Programmable Resources Program for        .SPECTRE batteries in    .darpa MTO rfi     TRL 2-3 stages    .radio to laser repeater      .military devise tested     .new iai uav was        new israeli mbt to replace    rfp for uav gse       TRL 2-3 projects    .israel ASW drill      . joint ASW drill    .Reliant Mermaid 2014    Reliant Mermaid 2015    .rugged ssd packaging      Altius-M in    Altius-M clip        Altius-M dimensions      KAPA airplane      EXPORT CONTROL REFORM INITIATIVE review    of the EXPORT CONTROL REFORM INITIATIVE   .the national defense industrial association announced    DoD Open Business Model for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Ground Control Stations        unmanned gse    .unmanned ground vehicle at lebanon   . israeli unmanned ground vehicle      .israeli pmp certification      pmp certification in israel    .rafael ceo    sholef elbit      sap DFPS for   joint KMW imi    iai ceo      Athos howitzer to    Athos howitzer   .offering bae platform      .KMW imi      . iron dome clip      elbit Athos howitzer      bnt cannons      .pmp test pdf download    pmp test doc    .Memex deep web      darpa Memex      . is pmp qualified     imi coo is    udi adam decided    .avi felder decided        avi felder resigned      .imi privatization has stopped        .imi privatization process    .pl-01 mbt      pl-01 tank clip      .pl-01 tank pictures   .piston cad model      caster wheel cad model      .mil 810 תרגום      .mil 810 בעברית      airborne communication server      .elta military       ziv av engineering are      .ziv av engineering have      edco have     .edco technologies are        edco technologies have      .Shafir Production Systems Ltd. have      ziv av engineering has      .edco technologies has   .Shafir Production Systems Ltd. has      . edco technologies is    .rapat machashar     .edco technologies has    .Rugged equipment for military use        rapat makhashar    .Commercial Off The Shelf electronic device      .Milper has     .Defense, Military, Security, Utility      .Milper have        electropack israel      Milper is        .Oded Granot has    .Tactical Computers and Tablets        electro-pack israel    .rugged Computers and Tablets are      Ground and armoured vehicles        .military spec filter   .rugged Computers and Tablets have        .military spec fans       military spec connector for    .rugged Computers and Tablets for    military spec gasket       military spec bolt      .military spec usb connector        military spec nut        .military spec washer      .military spec usb cable       military spec bearing        .military spec device      intellitech engineering    .military projects engineering    .rugged computers for army    .L.H.B israel        ParaMilitary devices for     להב חברה לנשק      .BulletPlate ltd      SKY SAPIENCE LTD has        SKY SAPIENCE LTD is       .rt SKYSTAR 300    .SKYSTAR 250      SKYSTAR 220    .New Fanless Intense PC Announced      Foxconn fanless nano PC has      MRC-104S-i7     SKYSTAR 180 is      MRC-108S      Skystar 100 is      .Skystar 100 has      MRRS-8000G    in UGV’s    .GUARDIUM-MK II     G-NIUS Unmanned Ground Systems is    G-NIUS Unmanned Ground Systems has    .GUARDIUM MK I       AVANTGUARD MK I    Guardium MK III      .FMS AEROSPACE LTD has     UAV OEM's      ABSL Power Solutions has      KGS Electronics is the     .Martek Power Abbott has      .Jamming Briefcase        .Observation Briefcase      VIP Briefcase for military      mil spec VIP Briefcase   .spec rugged Briefcase        .military rugged Briefcase        HD Video Stabilizer for      .rugged HD Video Stabilizer      SECUR001 SECUR002 SECUR003 SECUR004  .       .INERT EXPLOSIVES KITS      the FODetect     .X-TEST    XVTEC    FOD detection solution for    .X-TEST has     .XVTEC has    .Wireless Avionics has        .UAV equipment system   .Remote Controlled Improvised Explosives Device    RCIED is an      wide band jamming system     LA-400 system        .rugged jammer      rugged jamming system   AS-07-B AUTOPILOT    .Digital Gyro Stabilized Reconaissance Gimbal    .LA-400 High Power VIP Jammer       rugged Cellular Jammers      .spec Cellular Jammers      SuperCom israel       rugged National Incident Management System    rugged Long-Range RFID system    .rugged Automatic License Plate Recognition system    Visual Defence Inc    rugged Forensic Surveillance System     .Visual Defence SecurEye    rugged Digital Video Storage System        rugged DVSS      rugged Virtual Matrix System        rugged vms     .rugged systems for army      rugged systems for military    ruged systems     .rugged Intercom Management System      rugged ims      .ruged computer   ruged laptop        3C Integration system    .wireless emergency call protection system      .SpiderAlert system        rugged Access Control Systems     rugged Preconfigured Kits      rugged display panel      .rugged Junction Box for   rugged Messaging Gateway system    .rugged Omni Directional Antenna for    .rugged Yagi Antenna       rugged Local Controllers        rugged Location Readers      .ruged remote control        rugged Demonstration Kit      .rugged control Kit     rugged control unit        ruged control unit      .Elpas israel     vidisco ltd has    .BlazeX pro        .WiFiX wireless module     rugged USB port    rugged USB adapter for    ruged USB adapter    rugged portable x-ray system for      .Urban Aeronautics Fancraft      .rugged Vane Control System     iron beam has been    eVigilo system      hp deal with israel     .hp imod      imod contract for        hp imod deal     hp pc for israel      .hp pps has signed      hp pc for imod     hp pc for idf     .Mini Unattended Ground Imaging sensor      Chameleon is an unattended   .rugged urban reconnaissance system      Unattended covert system    Internal WRM     .rugged Wake Up Module      rugged Persistent Covert Surveillance system    .Persistent Covert Surveillance system for      .Unattended covert system for      Internal WRM for       Seraphim Optronics has        .Senso Optics has a    .targeting and visual information solutions for    Senso Optics ltd has      new electro-optical boresight   Metro Area Network Ethernet Telecom      rugged telecom network solutions        .rugged Ethernet/MPLS network      .rugged Cyber Security solutions    BATM Advanced Communications has been      Bynet Group has    Bynet rugged    .rugged C4I system     .rugged C5I system        .rugged pzt system    quickest-owl has     stabilized observation systems    .rugged computer vision system    waterproof computer for military    ip65 computer for    .ip67 computer for        ip67 smartphone for    .ip67 c4i      ip65 c4i     .ip67 c5i   .ip65 c5i      .Turbine Support International has    .Integrated Logistic Support for military    logistic support analysis for military        system configuration management plan for defense     Bagira Systems Ltd has    .rugged military training systems    Virtual advanced Battle Lab      imi mortar system      .imi guided mortar      .gps guided mortar bomb   .imi gps guided mortar bomb    imi patzmi      .Fire Simulation and Training system     Howitzer Crew Trainer has      Cortex Engineering Ltd has      Large ruggedized Active Matrix LCD displays    Airborne Active Matrix LCD Multi Function Displays    Smart Active Matrix LCD Displays    Ruggedized Active Matrix LCD displays      rugged Special Purposes Displays   Consoles, Control & Management Displays    .rugged control station      rugged ground control station    .rugged Digital Recording        rugged graphic card       rugged audio card      .rugged communication card      .rugged motherboard       .ruged motherboard      NIR-OR (Israel) Ltd      NIR-OR Ltd    .IMCO Industries Ltd has        imi slavin plant        combat vehicle upgrade    .nir-or ltd has        SOS combat 24/7    SOS Maritime Eagel in action    .SOS Submersible      .Falcon combat headset       SOS Maritime Eagle      .SOS combat      Falcon linked to chest     .Falcon helmet hanger      .rugged Raspberry Pi for      .rugged Raspberry Pi computer       rugged Raspberry Pi pc    .Falcon superior comfort    Falcon ear tip     .Source Of Sound Ltd has    ISDS lts      integrated military solutions for   International Security & Defence Systems has      rugged Safe City Security systems     .Qylatron is      Qylatron system      .rugged Multi-Threat Detection system      .ISDS INTERNATIONAL ltd    .ISPRA ltd has    .I.S.P. INDUSTRY SALES PROMOTION LTD has    Isragor Protective gear and systems ltd has    .Isrex (94) Ltd has   . Israel Weapon Industries (iwi) ltd has      .TAVOR in action      A unique explosive aerosol test technology      Karil International has      .Compact Oxy has   rugged Radio Systems and Communication      . Small size transmitters for undercover operations   rugged Video Motion Detection systems       EyeDrive has      ODR military   .ODR™ HV        .EyeBall system has      KV1120PRO      .KAVIT Electronics Industries Ltd has        KiloLambda Optical    .Maverick Defense has been    hp 100m$    .Meprolight ltd has      rugged Laser Range Finder   .MEPRO LRF 15-02    .MEPRO LRF 16-52    .MEPRO LRF 16-54    .MEPRO LRF 16-61   .MEPRO LRF 16-70    .MEPRO LRF 17-52    .MEPRO LRF 20-70      MEPRO Liora     MEPRO Sting    Self Illuminated Night Sights for pistol    Self Illuminated Personal Marker     .rugged Self Illuminated Compass      rugged Illuminated Compass       rugged Compass      .rugged Illuminated watch    rugged watch   .Mifram Security has    BVB barrier      Mipha International Ltd has      .military Unmanned Surface Vehicle    Car-tracking & Fleet Management system    rugged Suspect Detection System   .Decompression chamber for cargo security    rugged Surveillance systems for    waterproof Surveillance systems for    .Industrial and rugged computers for      cPCI, VME, PMC, PC104       .rugged CompactPCI for    Rugged mobile computers for military and    .PC-based embedded solutions    .rugged Serial data communication      .rugged LAN / WAN Interface   .rugged Data acquisition and control system      rugged KVM switching systems     .rugged Etx/Com Express      .defense turnkey projects      defense turn-key projects    .rugged4u has      Rugged Chassis for military      rugged VPX360   .rugged VPX362      .rugged MAGIC1      rugged RTR8GE    .rugged 1/2ATRS-B      rugged RC      .rugged RCFA17 R6xA 1G      rugged RCOM10      rugged Electronic Warfare Systems    .rugged Targeting and navigation systems       rugged Electronic Jammer        waterproof Electronic Jammer       .rugged Night Vision systems      rugged Biometric systems      wireless control vehicles      Drug detection field kits      .rugged High-power units   .rugged low-power units    rugged AQC-1 B    .AQC-1 C for      AQC-2 for     rugged OR-SIGHT    .mse ltd has    rugged Command & Control and Intelligence Systems       .rugged Air Defense C2 System      .Arrow FCC has    .rugged Radar Watch   SIGINT Based Air Target Identification System      rugged Air Defense Command system      .rugged EW Support Systems      rugged Air Defense C2 System      rugged Air-Traffic Control system    .Ness Command and Control solutions      .Ness Technologies has developed   .North East Technologies Ltd has        Mark 4 riflescopes has     .Delta point reflex sights        .rugged Tactical binoculars    .rugged Polymer Magazines    .Lightweight ballistic protection and survivability solutions    .Roof protection solutions for    Netline Communications Technologies ltd has    IED Jamming & Neutralization  products     Communication Jamming Products        Jamming for HLS products       .Jamming for HLS systems      ruged systems    .Jamming for prison system   rugged Communication Jamming equipment /font></p>     .C-Guard active      .rugged Cellular Interception system      .rugged Cellular Detection System      .Cell Phone Detection Sensors    .Detection of Unauthorized Wireless Activity      .wireless espionage threats    .NetSense TSCM      . rugged cellular systems       rugged Wideband Sensor      Nimda Co. Ltd has        .M113 N-2000 APC    Achzarit HAPC        T-72 upgrade in    M60 upgrade in     AMX-13 Light Tank is the      .AMX-13 Light Tank has been      OCEANA TECHNOLOGIES has      imod new project        mod new project has     tactical maritime systems      rugged tactical maritime        .rugged tactical watch is    rugged C4I tactical systems        rugged C5I tactical systems     total underwater control    .ORBIT Communication Systems Ltd has      X Band Maritime VSAT has        elbit mechanical design    orbit AL-7109      orbit AL-7203        .rugged Positioner System      Digital Tracking Pedestal System      .Single Drive El/Az Positioner      Indoor Tracking Controller